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Surface relevant business insights by understanding the relationships between people, places and things.

The Knowledge Fabric from Pitney Bowes

Everyone, everyplace, everything is addressable


A physical—or digital—address anchors thousands of data points. However, data in and of itself isn’t enough. Data must work for you.

For nearly a hundred years, Pitney Bowes has verified 100s of billions of global addresses, identified and located the people, places, and things that matter, and enabled and optimised communications.

At Pitney Bowes we know how to handle incredible amounts of data and find relationships in this data to help you better manage risk, improve decision making, and increase customer engagement.



The Knowledge Fabric from Pitney Bowes


The Knowledge Fabric from Pitney Bowes, a result of fit-for-purpose software and data, brings together nearly a century of experience and industry expertise to help you surface relevant business insights by understanding the relationships between people, places, and things.

With software and data optimised for specific industry use cases, the Knowledge Fabric helps you develop a deep understanding of your customers and locations, discovering hidden connections between people, places and things and engaging more effectively with your customers.


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Financial Services

Accelerate profitable growth, optimise regulatory compliance, and mitigate risk.

Software and data optimised for financial institutions to increase market share, retain existing customers, reduce operational expenses, and meet financial crime compliance mandates.

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Create a single view of customers, build loyalty with targeted offers, and adapt quickly.

Software and data optimised for retailers to create a single view of customers, build loyalty with personalised and relevant offers, and adapt to an ever-increasing number of sales channels.

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Understand risk, optimise pricing, define coverage areas, and personalise customer interactions.

Software and data optimised for general insurers to understand risk and price policies accurately, and improve engagement of customers to grow share of wallet and retention.

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Public Sector

Improve the way you use data to develop and support business processes and service delivery.

Software and Data optimised for the public sector allows organizations around the world use enterprise information assets to support strategic, tactical, and operational decisions.

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Telco and Utilities

Provide accurate coverage maps, acquire subscribers, and confirm network quality via a 360-degree view of your network.

Combining data quality, geocoding and spatial processing software – in addition to giving you access to self-service tools – allows Telco and Utility companies to deliver lower costs, less churn, and greater customer satisfaction.

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Products & Solutions

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A comprehensive portfolio of business, geographic, and industry-specific data featuring global coverage across 250 countries and territories. Thousands of highly detailed and accurate datasets to help you understand customer segments, manage risk, and make decisions with confidence.

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Location Intelligence

Geocoding, spatial analytics, and visualisation software along with accurate address, location, and business data to help you enrich, analyse, and visualise locations of customers, properties, and assets for enhanced business insights.

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Customer Information Management

Data quality, data management, and customer analytics software to help you identify high-value prospects and deepen customer relationships by ensuring high quality customer information and insights are available across the organisation.

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Customer Engagement

Digital and physical communications software to boost customer engagement and reduce customer service costs by crafting and delivering compelling and personalised interactions across all customer touchpoints.

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Built on nearly a century's worth of learning and industry expertise – The Knowledge Fabric from Pitney Bowes.



The knowledge that powers your business.

Perfecting the process of connecting businesses to people for nearly a century has enabled Pitney Bowes to understand the variables that affect business and map the relationships between people, places, and things that drive decisions. They refer to this knowledge and industry expertise as the Knowledge Fabric, enabling businesses to prevent fraud, meet regulations, mitigate risk, identify opportunity, and expand to new markets. 

Contextually relevant insights for your business.

Pitney Bowes understands that an address isn’t just a location, it anchors the insights that allow your business to make choices based on thousands of highly accurate data points—decisions that will remain shrewd and relevant for years in the future. And given that this web of data points covers more than 250 countries and territories, the Knowledge Fabric helps you find and illuminate relevant business insights across the globe.

Build connections, understand relationships and engage effectively.

Good data is accurate, complete, authoritative, and standardised—and alive. Good data is dynamic. It changes because people’s lives, relationships, and businesses change. The Knowledge Fabric helps you reveal relationships through data cleansing, reconciling, and validation opening a window to customer behaviour and patterns that helps you make better business decisions and improve customer engagement.



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