Integration Services & Solutions

Leverage our proven skills, expertise and support infrastructure to support the delivery of your technology platforms.

From end-to-end field service to logistics and deployment to parts management, we provide a single point of contact and accountability to ensure the successful execution and delivery of your technology offerings.

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Our capabilities will help you gain more than innovative, best-in-class technology.

Realize a faster ROI

Assess, recommend and implement solutions to achieve operational excellence.

Enhance performance

Analyze end-to-end workflow to identify areas for optimization.


Drive positive outcomes

Use data and analytics to boost business performance.

Our unique approach to solutions management leverages our proven skills, expertise and infrastructure in support of your technology platforms.


End-to-End Field Service:  We provide the resources and infrastructure to support your service needs and desired business outcomes.   

Design and Development Services:   Our capabilities include design, engineering, project management and working with vendors for solution build and enablement.

Contact Center Solutions: Leverage our existing call center infrastructure to support your business, 24 hours/7 days a week.

Logistics and Deployment: Leverage our infrastructure, systems and experience to support your enterprise and deliver your commerce solution in the marketplace.   

Learning and Development: Our professional Leadership and Development training team will support and train our client’s team.

Knowledge Management:  Our knowledge management practice captures, distributes and enables best use of our knowledge.

Parts Management: We have the infrastructure, systems and experience to support large scale programs inclusive of parts management.

Analytics and Continuous Improvement: Pitney Bowes offers a fully integrated, closed loop service management process utilizing data analytics to ensure optimal performance and equipment operations.  Performance data is captured and analyzed enabling reporting.   Harvesting and analyzing operational data allows better identification and mitigation of risks and a better allocation of resources, setting the stage for successful execution.