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Ecommerce delights sellers with Pitney Bowes Shipping API solution.

Client profile

A boutique ecommerce marketplace featuring the latest in women's fashion trends, home decor and children's clothing

Provides online and brick-and-mortar sellers a simple, effective platform to showcase and sell their products

Consistently ranked as one of Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies in the US

Started as a home-based operation in 2011, now exceeds $100 million in annual revenue


Business Goals

Help sellers address shipping and cash flow issues

Reduce data errors and improve shipping times

Simplify integration and ease of use for seller partners


Eliminated seller cash flow issues due to upfront postage costs

Increased shipping accuracy and lowered costs; improved seller satisfaction

Easier for sellers to integrate, learn and adopt


Technology Used


Easily integrate USPS services into your platform - it's shipping made simple.

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As one of America’s fastest-growing companies, provides a high-profile showcase for sellers and retailers of all sizes. However, the organization's explosive growth has also created challenges. Jane’s sellers have a wide range of technical expertise, so the company’s platform has to be simple to use yet flexible and must continuously evolve to meet the demands of customers and sellers. When the company’s legacy shipping system wasn’t keeping pace with sellers’ requirements, Jane turned to SmartShyp, a partner of Pitney Bowes.


Business Challenge

“The speed and quality of orders through the SmartShyp solution with the Pitney Bowes API provides peace of mind for our Jane sellers. Those two things are a huge advantage for us.” Craig Cleveland,
Director of Business Development,

Jane’s legacy shipping system was cumbersome, with a user interface that was challenging for smaller sellers to set up and use effectively. Jane sought a solution that would enable it to provide a superior experience for sellers and would be easy to customize and use.

Since most of the goods purchased on ship through the US Postal Service, improving the USPS® capabilities of the system was also a priority. Finally, Jane needed to find innovative ways to help sellers who were struggling with cash flow.



“Using Pitney Bowes and SmartShyp we can pay our sellers right away—that really helps with their cash flow. No one else could give us that type of integration” Craig Cleveland,
Director of Business Development,

The Jane team turned to Pitney Bowes and SmartShyp to incorporate their customized USPS shipping solution.

According to Craig Cleveland, Jane’s director of business development, SmartShyp and Pitney Bowes were quick to respond and immediately more flexible. “The level of customization and technology of the SmartShyp/Pitney Bowes API solution is much higher than any of our previous partners,” he says.

To improve shipping times, Jane is leveraging the much-improved batch handling capability developed by SmartShyp, giving sellers a dynamic view of their sales and allowing them to ship much faster. “Our legacy systems couldn’t do that,” explains Cleveland. “It was a small detail, but it made a huge difference.”

Understanding that many of its sellers also use Etsy, eBay or Shopify, Jane adopted the SmartShyp/Pitney Bowes solution to act as an omnichannel sales and shipping platform for its sellers. The SmartShyp/Pitney Bowes solution collects all store and shipping data and provides detailed shipping and transaction metrics reporting, such as total packages shipped and savings by carrier.

The flexibility of the SmartShyp/Pitney Bowes solution also enabled Jane to address seller cash flow challenge. Because the company can track shipments in real time, Jane can pay sellers the minute the package is en route. Jane can also pay shipping charges up front for a seller, then deduct those costs from its receivables. This approach creates a major win for Jane’s small retailers by eliminating out-of-pocket shipping expenses and allowing them to ship in greater quantities immediately.


One of the keys to Jane’s remarkable growth has been the ability to easily onboard new sellers while continuing to provide innovations for current selling partners. The new SmartShyp/Pitney Bowes shipping solution is critical to that strategy.

The Jane team was encouraged to see the new system up and running quickly. “The SmartShyp solution with the Pitney Bowes API has a more user-friendly interface and is much simpler out of the box,” says Cleveland. “It’s great for our retailers just starting their business and getting online.”

The SmartShyp/Pitney Bowes solution has also resolved Jane’s data validation issues, which previously cause a high rate of data discrepancies and shipping errors that were costly and time-consuming to fix. The new, fully automated solution is boosting shipping accuracy, saving money and improving customer satisfaction for Jane and its sellers.

Other improvements include enhanced batch handling and sales visibility capabilities that support immediate shipping, a flexible workspace that improves processing and shipping times and omnichannel sales and shipping capabilities, which help sellers expand their shipping options beyond the postal service, earning high marks from seller partners.