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Pitney Bowes and OrderCup launch strategic partnership

OrderCup, a leading ecommerce platform that streamlines and automates order management and fulfillment for ecommerce merchants, today announced that it has fully integrated Pitney Bowes Carrier Connect™ technology into their platform.

STAMFORD, CT, Pitney Bowes (NYSE: PBI), a global technology company that provides commerce solutions in the areas of shipping and mailing, data, and ecommerce, announced that OrderCup, a leading ecommerce platform that streamlines and automates order management and fulfillment for ecommerce merchants, today announced that it has fully integrated Pitney Bowes Carrier Connect™ technology into their platform. Carrier Connect, formerly Pitney Bowes Complete Shipping APIs, provides compliance, integration and label generation for merchants looking to leverage the benefits of USPS shipping, delivery and tracking services. Through Carrier Connect, Pitney Bowes will help enable USPS shipping solutions to OrderCup clients. For the past eight years, OrderCup provided access to USPS rates and services through a competitive technology.

OrderCup was looking for a true partner that better aligned with their long-term strategic goals, something they did not believe their previous vendor provided. Speed, innovative technology and proactive support is what OrderCup was looking for. “Pitney Bowes was exactly that option for a host of reasons”, said Aloke Nath, CEO of OrderCup. “Our new USPS services are provided through the Pitney Bowes Carrier Connect, an API built using RESTful technology. This architecture is designed to provide better performance, higher availability, and greater flexibility in providing our customers the services and options they need. Pitney Bowes also allowed us to have a single integration point for all of their services, rather than involving separate implementation paths for each of the services. This greatly simplified the complexity of the setup, development and accounting. In addition, PB provides flexible and scalable financing options that are very useful in times of peak shipping and to support our larger customers.”

OrderCup customers are delighted to have another option for their USPS provider. Those that have transitioned to Pitney Bowes are extremely pleased. One such customer, Alex Ruff, owner of Electricruz, Inc said, “Once we switched over, we noticed the new USPS labels looked a lot nicer - the text was larger and the font much easier to read. We’re also excited about the ability to use the Scan-Based Return label feature with Pitney Bowes, where you’re only charged if the label is used”.

OrderCup worked closely with Pitney Bowes to seamlessly transition the vast majority of OrderCup’s customers in just a few months. New customers will automatically utilize the Pitney Bowes integration for USPS services. “We were extremely pleased with the dedicated cross-functional team from Pitney Bowes that supported us through development and migration,” Nath said.

“Pitney Bowes is proud to support OrderCup and their customers,” said Rajeeb Mohapatra, SVP and GM, Shipping Solutions, Pitney Bowes. “OrderCup provides a modern cloud-based shipping solution that provides seamless access to competitive USPS pricing without having to sign up or configure additional accounts. Whether you are shipping a few orders a day or several thousand a day, the interface is straightforward and easy-to-use. With their comprehensive shipping functionality and integration into leading marketplaces, shopping carts and carriers, and their outstanding support and availability, they are the great partner for shippers of all sizes.”

About Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is a global technology company providing commerce solutions that power billions of transactions. Clients around the world, including 90 percent of the Fortune 500, rely on the accuracy and precision delivered by Pitney Bowes solutions, analytics, and APIs in the areas of ecommerce fulfillment, shipping and returns; cross-border ecommerce; presort services; office mailing and shipping; location data; and software. For nearly 100 years Pitney Bowes has been innovating and delivering technologies that remove the complexity of getting commerce transactions precisely right. For additional information visit Pitney Bowes, the Craftsmen of Commerce, at www.pitneybowes.com.

About OrderCup

OrderCup is a leading cloud based shipping solution for eCommerce globally. Our innovative, easy to use solution integrates with leading online channels and shipping carriers, that automates, simplifies and streamlines order management, fulfillment and shipping.  With a host of value added features such as built-in discounted shipping, global address validation, returns, package insurance and best-in-class support and availability, they are guaranteed to save you time and money! OrderCup has offices in the US, UK and India and serves customers globally. For more information, visit OrderCup at www.ordercup.com