Public Sector

Create a citizen-centric government.

Transformative digital technologies enrich insight, services delivery and engagement.

Transform your data into greater business value.

Let Pitney Bowes help you harness authoritative data to better understand citizens, gain advanced insight, allocate resources and engage your constituents more effectively. We offer integrated digital solutions that support smarter, more transparent and efficient government.

Join the growing list of state and municipal governments, agencies and departments who use Pitney Bowes solutions to achieve their strategic objectives. Our innovative solutions are backed by a robust network of global partners with the value-added services and technological expertise to tailor a solution to your agency needs.





Single Citizen View



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Gain a more complete view of your citizens' needs.

Governments are inundated with data but lacking in insight. Agencies and departments are dealing with legacy IT systems, multiple databases and varied data formats. Now there’s a better way. When you have access to authoritative data across systems and environments, you can create a powerful, single view of each citizen’s unique situation and needs.

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With Pitney Bowes you can:


Fill in coverage gaps.

Help citizens to understand and access the full complement of social assistance programs to which they’re entitled.

Detect and deter fraud.

Streamline authentication and uncover patterns to support regulatory compliance.

Prevent improper payments.

Confirm identities, ensure eligibility and minimize the need for costly investigations and collections.




Intelligent Infrastructure Management

Locate opportunities for improvement.

When you can better determine required infrastructure improvements, you’ll be better equipped to prioritize expenditures and optimize budgets. From roadways, bridges and sidewalks to streetlights, sewers, parks and public buildings, gain a clearer, more complete view of your infrastructure assets. Then, make the data accessible from anywhere, so that mobile work crews can obtain the information they need and provide instant updates from the field.

See the big picture.

Location analytics lets you gain a more accurate view of risk, plan infrastructure investments and minimize liabilities. You’ll find it easier to understand the how the proximity of assets to citizens impacts services and engagement.

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You’ll increase the efficiency of infrastructure management when you can:


Locate and assess the condition of public assets.

Spot and repair deficiencies before they become major problems.

Respond quickly to citizen requests.

Easily track performance and expenditures.






Citizen Engagement



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Enable citizen self-service.

Make it easy for your constituents to interact without making an appointment or visiting government offices. You’ll increase transparency and convenience when you provide citizens with “anytime, anywhere” access via a self-service portal that lets them:

  • Apply for social programs and claim benefits.
  • Retrieve or file tax forms, bills and other documents.
  • Submit inspection service requests.
  • Pay taxes, fees or fines.
  • Report problems such as potholes, trash, graffiti, and more.

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Location Intelligence




Drive revenue with more effective tax collection.

Precisely match properties to zones and jurisdictions to ensure that the correct taxes are applied. You’ll be able to inspect and assess more properties in less time with more timely information, and reduce the need for costly in-person field inspections.

  • Overlay satellite imagery with parcel boundaries to identify new construction or improvements that are not currently in the tax records.
  • Easily compare similar parcels to find properties that are improperly taxed.
  • Identify and match business locations with tax records to verify payment of all relevant taxes.


Manage your most vital and valuable assets in
urban infrastructure and road transportation.


Public health

Control the spread of viral outbreaks.

Environmental hazards

Proactively alert citizens to nearby threats.

Natural disasters

Quickly evacuate those in harm’s way.