Location Intelligence

Enrich and analyze location data for enhanced business insight.

Determine the optimal location for a retail site, improve insurance risk assessment, reduce the cost of an asset over its lifecycle and increase citizen satisfaction and engagement.

Location Intelligence Portfolio

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Add context and precision to business data

Precisely locate your customer, transaction or other data and enriching it with a wide range of additional data such as demographics or risk for enhanced business insight.

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Location Analytics

Uncover and visualize new opportunities

See patterns and trends more easily with detailed maps and graphics, enabling you to make more informed decisions and capitalize on untapped business opportunities.

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Intelligent Infrastructure Management

Reduce costs, rationalize and extend services

Make informed decisions on multiple asset types including: urban roads and highways, bridges, parks and green spaces, trees, street lights, refuse collection and management resources.

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Applied Analytics & Marketing Services

Make informed decisions with site selection and property investments.

Gain the intelligence needed to better understand the market and its opportunities. Use our solutions to quantify attainable potential while allocating sales goals equitably and efficiently.

Get the results your business needs.


Drive revenue growth

Choose the best locations to do business.

Reduce costs

Accurately match resources to distances.

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Manage risk

Identify threats of flood, crime and fire.

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Increase satisfaction

Deliver to the right place at the right time.

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