Postage Meters

We make it easy to send mail, overnights and packages from your office or mail center.

Streamline all of your office sending. Plus, save on mailing and shipping costs with USPS®, FedEx® and UPS®. 

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Send everyday mail and packages without leaving your office.

This easy-to-use postage meter designed for small businesses and home offices has what you need to mail and ship right from your desk.

Qualifies for metered mail discount.

SendPro C200 with specifications

SendPro® C200

Make the smart sending choice every time.

The SendPro C200 is the simplest, all-in-one technology for office mailing and package shipping. It is a complete sending solution that eliminates guesswork, allowing you to process mail and send packages all from one place.

Qualifies for metered mail discount.

SendPro+ weighing package


Transform the way you send.

Customers have come to expect fast and accurate deliveries, and businesses must keep up in order to maintain a good reputation. Stay ahead of the curve with our most powerful and complete shipping and mailing solution.

Qualifies for metered mail discount.

SendPro P-Series

SendPro® P-Series

Full mailing, shipping and receiving solutions.

The P-Series provides a simpler, more streamlined way to process mail and ship packages through the major carriers like UPS and USPS, and keep track of all of your incoming packages.

Qualifies for metered mail discount.