Relevant and engaging interactions throughout the customer lifecycle.

Enhance engagement

How can we deliver consistency and relevance at all customer touch points?

"Price and product have become less important as differentiators, and businesses find themselves competing more on the quality and consistency of the experience they can provide. Consumers now hold the power and demand to be met on their own terms, and businesses must learn to meet those needs. Otherwise, they risk being overtaken or having their business models disrupted."

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How can we increase the adoption of digital channels and enhance digital engagement?

Digital engagement of customers has myriad benefits – unburdening call centers, increasing uptake of additional services, reducing costly print and mail, to name a few. But it starts by reviewing business processes across every customer interaction, right from the very first contact and offering most optimal and frictionless experience via the digital channel wherever possible.

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Grow revenue per customer

How can we increase customer acquisition, retention, upsell and cross-sell?

Loyal customers stay. Forrester Consulting conducted a study commissioned by Pitney Bowes to define 'Real Customer Lifetime Value' (rCLV) - the living model that calculates the value of all interactions that a customer took — including transactional (such as a purchase or service request) and non-transactional (such as a product review or brand advocacy on social platforms).

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Create long-lasting, profitable relationships by:

Improving customer experience and loyalty with Interactive Personalized Media.


Create 1:1 customer interactions, drive interactive, two-way dialogue and achieve compelling results.

EngageOne® Video enables organizations to deliver interactive personalized video communications which their customers can control, deciding in real-time which content to view and when to interact with it.

Replacing costly call-center activity with the real-time experience that your customers demand.


Increase digital adoption and encourage uptake of additional services.

Your customers want to do more online and do it on the device of their choice. With EngageOne® Digital Self Service, they can pay bills, access historical communications and find the right information fast.

Delivering personalized multichannel communications with Print and Digital Communications Management.


Increase customer loyalty and retention by improving the lines of communications.

Pitney Bowes' EngageOne® Communication Suite transforms everyday communications into profit-building engagements by ensuring that each customer contact is relevant and engaging across every channel.