Identify, connect and manage data

Uncover opportunity

Who are my top customers and where do I find more of them?

Forrester Consulting conducted a study commissioned by Pitney Bowes to survey business professionals on their use of customer lifetime value (CLV) and introduce them to the concept of rCLV: Real Customer Lifetime Value.

Download the Making Customer Lifetime Value Real white paper.

Enhance experiences

How can we deploy a solution for providing a consistent customer experience across all of our channels?

Customer information management can provide the necessary business analytics and gives companies the ability to use customer data more effectively to improve operations and engage customers.

Download the Understanding Your Customer Forbes Insights white paper.


How do I recognize non-obvious fraudulent or illegal transactions?

New technologies aid in the fight against money laundering thereby improving bank compliance.

Download the Follow the money whitepaper.


Be quick to market with an agile, insightful single view by:

Visualizing insights to ensure that your data is fit for use.


Self-service anaytics and reporting that delivers timely and actionable insight.

Our Spectrum Visual Insights™ solution combines industry-leading data management with our partner Yellowfin's intuitive dashboard, storyboard and collaboration tool. The result is the ability to connect and visualize insights in real time and make smarter decisions every day.

Identifing the right context to connect.


Construct data access for the consolidation of customer information. 

Be quick to market with an agile, insightful single view. Build the right association between an individual and their activities using the right insights and context. Implement in weeks, not months.

Avoiding the risk and cost associated with fraud.


Ensure all relevant activity associations are contained in a single customer's profile.

Overcome data limitations so you can detect and resolve financial crime in less time with fewer resources. Our integrated, proven approach to entity resolution lets you quickly find, link and visualize complex relationships across parties, accounts and transactions.