Location context, precision and relevance


Where do we have gaps in service delivery?

How can we confirm network coverage for our customers?

"More firms are building capabilities to process big data via Hadoop, Spark and other applications. Most also have some capacity to produce maps and location analytics. What’s missing is the ability to do them together. When it comes to network optimization, it’s the convergence of big data and location intelligence that makes all the difference."

- Joe Francica, Managing Director of Geospatial Solutions in RCR WirelessNews, May 16, 2016.

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Connect in
real time

How can I engage customers at the right time and the right place?

Are there ways to capitalize on consumers' use of mobile devices?

Ericsson estimates that by 2020, 70% of the global population will own a smartphone.  This coupled with the rise in mobile-enabled technologies like payments and fitness trackers; the ability to juxtapose location data over real-time mobile usage data represents a lucrative opportunity for companies - enabling you to deploy the right message, in the right context, at the right time and place.

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How can we price risk and are we too exposed in one area?

Where are the pockets of opportunity that competitors will miss?

While it’s not possible to predict the exact time and date, you can identify which areas are more susceptible to natural perils.  This is far more complex than drawing a line on a map.

Creating a model to assess risk, how it is managed and accounted for in pricing insurance products and premiums is imperative.

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Generate actionable insights using location analytics to:

Deliver superior experience with spatial insight.


Discover new business insights with data-driven mapping that you won't find in spreadsheets, pie charts or bar graphs.

Spectrum Spatial for Business Intelligence combines the technologies of spatial analytics, visualization and business intelligence for full utilization of location-based data and gaining unparalleled insight.

Expose proximity relationships.


Use powerful spatial analysis and geoprocessing, embedding precision and automation into every business process.

We manage a catalogue of over 350 unique datasets in 240 geographies worldwide. Highly detailed and accurate data to help you understand customer segments, manage risk and make decisions with confidence.

Drill down to detail with sophisticated modeling.


Develop and apply arithmetic spatial models with tools that integrate with all leading Business Intelligence (BI) applications.

Confirm® enterprise asset management solutions enable public and private sector organizations to deliver complex, critical public infrastructure services that maximize operational efficiencies and minimize administrative costs.