Enrich and Analyze Data

Enhance your data management and exploit the power of location.

Enable your company to gain a single view of your customers – in context of their location – to deliver better experiences, minimize risk and grow as an organization.

Single view of customer and their location


Customer Data

Managing your customer data through the Spectrum Technology Platform provides a strong foundation for integrating, cleansing and analyzing customer data to achieve a single view of your customer.

Enrich Data

Supplement existing data with new sources and apply advanced analytics to uncover previously unseen patterns, relationships, and causality that offer new opportunities.

Power of Location

Layer location analytics on your customer data to uncover new insights and unlock new opportunities.


Customer Information Management

Use trusted data and insights in context across your enterprise. Manage customer data to deeply understand your customers and their context to drive superior business outcomes.


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Ensure the accuracy of your business analysis with up-to-date data sets. A comprehensive portfolio of business, geographic, and industry-specific data featuring global coverage across 250 countries and territories. Thousands of highly detailed and accurate data to help you understand customer segments, manage risk and make decisions with confidence.


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Location Intelligence

Enrich and analyze location data for enhanced business insight. Determine the optimal location for a retail site, improve insurance risk assessment, reduce the cost of an asset over its lifecycle and increase citizen satisfaction and engagement.


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